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Zaloa Ipina


"light invasion"


From June 27 to August 12


   “Raising and lowering the blinds, he glimpsed those beams of light filtering through the cracks. Beams of light that changed and moved, creating traces in space of light and shadow. Something aesthetically transmitted to her, something so attractive that she was caught up in them. It became a theme, a material, a way to investigate its plastic possibilities, ultimately an obsession.”

   The work I am immersed in is the continuation of a project that began thanks to the Bilbaoarte grant. Beams of light expand (title of this project), was born from two photographic series: Argia ezta ikusten? / Can't you see the light? and Argi distracts / Bursts of light. They are based on a poetry by Gabriel Aresti in whose verses he said "the light is not seen", as an aesthetic questioning and a point of reflection. In these snapshots I have managed to materialize the light, endow it with corporeality. Although light is invisible and colorless to the human eye, thanks to it we can see.

    Light is a recurring theme in my work, and that is that the light beam has been captured as an object form, as movement, as a concept of great speed (given her physical condition) and as creator of the immensity of existing colors. In this latest project, one more facet of this spectrum is added; and it is that light wanders through the void at a speed of 299,729,458 m/s, which is why it continuously invades occupied or unoccupied space, occupying it and taking over it. This aspect of expansion and occupation of space has become the main characteristic of the project, where there is a transfer from the two-dimensional to the three-dimensional. Images and two-dimensional printing processes such as screen printing, present in previous works, help to capture this concept and materialize three-dimensional works.

   But the work did not stop at this single approach, and once several pieces had been created and arranged floating in space, a new factor concluded many of works, an element totally linked to light: shadow. Through the light drawings stamped on transparent and molded materials, the natural shadow projections of the pieces have been created, which vary in each different space, creating in each place a version of the work itself. Therefore, in this view through the void, I have managed to make the lines of light stamped on the transparency (empty), become shadows projected on walls, ceilings and floors, creating a more complete work capable of taking over different spaces. .

   The flashes of light leave the rigidity of the support, seeking its limits. But what are the plastic, aesthetic and formal limits of these sculptures and the images they carry? Is there really a limit? That is what I am trying to reveal in this project.


Zaloa Ipina

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