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Course of new creative fields


This section is the "soul mater" of Arteztu. We present it as a course, although it would be better defined as a philosophy. A philosophy of search and creative research, with which we add and share experiences among students, teachers and artists who exhibit or who come to give specialized courses.

You can start from scratch, without having any experience in the art world, at your own pace , with a personalized follow-up that will support you in practice at all times (and if you are interested, also in theory), improving your plastic technique and artist statement.

The varied offer (photography, painting, drawing, video...) of Arteztu gives you the opportunity to discover new creative fields. In other words, if you like to paint, at Arteztu you can get to know photography and add it to your creations without neglecting painting, enriching your technique and giving it a personal touch... and this is just a simple example of what you can do in Arteztu, the different options and creative paths are limitless.

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