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Sunday Alonso


December 20 - February 18


Las Trece Rosas is the collective name given to a group of thirteen young people, half of them members of the Unified Socialist Youth, shot by the Franco regime in Madrid on August 5, 1939, shortly after the end of the Civil War. Spanish. Their ages were between 18 and 29 years old.

The enormous media repercussion of these events has given rise to its narration not only on a historical level itself but, crossing barriers, the event has been integrated into the world of literature, cinema, theater, music...


Using the plastic arts as a tool of expression, this project uses engraving as a vehicle to transmit a historical reality versioned from a visual interpretation.


“TRECE ROSAS” is the result of a particular creative universe based on historical memory. The project is born from a personal allegory where each ROSE is symbolically represented by the lid of a coffin.

Each image is unique and has its own identity, and can be exhibited individually; however, as a whole, it forms a whole that in perfect symbiosis tries, conceptually and symbolically, to connect with History.


Accessing these works, without fully understanding them, requires  reflection and waiting time on the part of the viewer before returning to them, slipping between the folds of time and memory.


Veronica Domingo Alonso



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