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exhibition "Thirteen Roses" by Verónica Domingo Alonso

in ARTEZTU GALLERY of Donostia


   Born in Bilbao (1989). Verónica is a multidisciplinary artist with a degree in Fine Arts from the University of the Basque Country (2012), Master's Degree from the University of Fine Arts of Norwich-UK (2013) and Master's Degree in Graphic Printing Media, Illustration and Artistic Minting UCLM / FNMT (2014-2016). Currently doing a doctorate in Art: Production and Research at the UPV.

   He lives between Bilbao and Madrid, combining his artistic activities with curatorial work such as the curator of "GABINETE Art Fair, Works on Paper & Fine Arts" in in 2018 and 2019, as well as the coordination of the "MADRID Paper Week" in 2018 and 2019. Previously, it is worth mentioning the coordination of "Open Cabinets" and "Open Portfolio Complutense" in 2017, his work practice in the Department of Conservation and Documentation of the Casa de la Moneda Museum (Madrid) in 2016-2017 and his role as arts-programmer in galleries during the GABINETE fair in 2016 and 2017.

   He has a long artistic career having had numerous solo and group exhibitions in different parts of Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Bulgaria, Scotland, England, Turkey and Japan. He teaches engraving courses in museums and art centers such as BilbaoArte, El Jardinico, Museum of Contemporary Spanish Engraving...


   Her works have been published in various catalogs and  awarded on multiple occasions by public institutions, being able to find her works both nationally and internationally and private.


   Verónica es una artista que rediseña la estética del paisaje desde una visión íntima y personal. His practice investigates the notions of place, space and territory, using a material language from an expanded field of drawing knowledge. What he proposes within his practice is a form of creation in which drawing and painting acquire absolute value in the construction of a complex and abstract framework. His visual experimentation is supported by a delicate integration between drawing, painting, engraving, photography  e installation. His practice inherits and promotes a sense of history through his own making, informed by knowledge of  calligraphy and Asian art. The works serve as testimony to concepts such as time, space, memory, palimpsest and absence. 


exhibition "Thirteen Roses"


   Las Trece Rosas is the collective name given to a group of thirteen young people, half of them members of the Unified Socialist Youth, shot by the regime Francoist in Madrid on August 5, 1939, shortly after the end of the Spanish Civil War. Their ages were between 18 and 29 years old.

The enormous media repercussion  of these events has given rise to their narration not only on a historical level but, crossing barriers, the event has been integrated into the world of literature, cinema, theater, music. ..


   Using the plastic arts as a tool of expression, this project uses engraving as a vehicle to transmit a historical reality versioned from a visual interpretation.


   “THREE ROSES” is the result of a particular creative universe based on historical memory. The project is born from a personal allegory where each ROSE is symbolically represented by the lid of a coffin.

Each image is unique and has its own identity, and can be exhibited individually; however, as a whole, it forms a whole that in perfect symbiosis tries, conceptually and symbolically, to connect with History.


   Accessing these works, which is not fully understood, requires  reflection and waiting time on the part of the viewer before return to them slipping between the folds of time and memory.



Veronica Domingo Alonso

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