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Sunday Alonso

"On Site"


From October 9 to November 17


   Verónica Domingo Alonso es una artista que rediseña la estética del paisaje desde una visión íntima y personal. His practice investigates the notions of place, space and territory, using a material language from an expanded field of drawing knowledge. What he proposes within his practice is a form of creation in which drawing and painting acquire absolute value in the construction of a complex and abstract framework. His visual experimentation is supported by a delicate integration between drawing, painting, engraving, photography  e installation. His practice inherits and promotes a sense of history through his own making, informed by knowledge of Chinese calligraphy and art. The works serve as testimony to concepts such as time, space, memory, palimpsest and absence. 


on-site Phase III


   Verónica presents a new reading and understanding of the spatial concept, in which the dialogue between abstraction and figuration brings life to a set of black and white images.

With this project, Verónica not only proposes to represent symbolically but also to reinterpret, bringing to the fore key elements in the investigation of space and place. His commitment goes beyond the traditional limits established and/or understood until today, presenting himself as a kaleidoscope of possibilities in which the extended language of drawing gives way to the visual experimentation of the melodic integration of drawing, painting, engraving and installation. .


   To achieve her goals, Verónica interacts with space, place and time; works directly with them, feels them, analyzes them and breathes their essence. When you walk through space, you create rhythm and harmony with your breathing and with the beating of your heart. His body is the instrument that directs and arranges the structure of his work. As in a choreography, the artist moves the objects to the rhythm of time, a time marked by herself playing delicately with her works within the physical space marked by the architectural structure of the installation.

   Just as natural space creates rhythmic scores with pauses, sounds and silences, Veronica's works (monoprints, inks, fabrics, drawings, etc) are linked in an open circuit of possibilities within the architectural perimeter of the place where the installation comes to life and takes center stage in front of the viewer, who is invited to interact walking through a visual score that hides silences, vibrations, tensions, interventions, balances, pauses , rhythms... that evoke dreamlike places, building a complex abstract framework through which the work tells us about concepts for which our languages barely have words.



Veronica Domingo Alonso

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