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Sunday Alonso


"Identity Card"


From May 6 to June 7 





   “Identity Card” is a project that presents a personal reading of the spatial concept of Bilbao endorsed by a multidisciplinary work in which they have been used, mainly , engraving and painting techniques.


   Reaffirming myself in the theory that every situation we face is perceived through the subjective filter of our mentality and that, therefore, we see the world determined by our unique perspective, thus being the result of an emotion tied to a place or thing, I have carried out a project that encompasses a wide artistic journey through Bilbao and its surroundings with the aim of carrying out a comparative plastic-documentary study between the Bilbao of my elders and my own based on current reality and historical memory.


   This exhibition project is presented as a new reading and understanding of the spatial concept, in which the dialogue between abstraction and figuration brings life to a set of images in white and black.

   With this proposal I not only propose to represent symbolically but also to reinterpret, bringing to light key elements in the investigation of space and place. My bet goes beyond the traditional limits established and/or understood until today, presenting itself as a kaleidoscope of possibilities in which the extended language of drawing gives way to the visual experimentation of the melodic integration of drawing, painting, engraving and installation. .


   To carry out my work, I began by exploring corners of the town where I used to walk with my grandfather as a child while he told me about historical events that took place there .

    My work wants to be a reunion with those places and what happened in them from my current way of seeing and interpreting them, but always starting from the ground that the memory of my experiences has left in me.


   “Identity Card” is a nod to the past; to mine, to that of my ancestors and to that of a city, with a new urban landscape and a new society, which without losing its hallmarks of identity has been able to reinvent itself by integrating traces of the past into the present, for the sake of culture, innovation and Progress.





Veronica Domingo Alonso



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