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   Most of the works are urban landscapes based on photographs taken on trips. I wanted to capture a broader point of view, mounting different photographs side by side and creating panoramas. They are scenes from the streets of New York, Prague, Paris...


   The mixture of different techniques and bright colors are the most significant characteristics of this stage.


  I have experimented with different techniques, materials and colors, focusing more on the process than the result. Thus opening new paths with experimentation.




   I want to paint with color, so that the work emanates its own light. The bright colors reflect my new stage. Alive and full of light. I have put aside the oil and opting for faster techniques. To represent ideas I need something fast to capture them before they escape. Bright colored papers, acrylics, pastels, colored pencils... are my expressive tools.


   I have immersed myself in the experimentation of mixing techniques and materials. These mixtures motivate me that the work is of rapid execution. Quick and fresh.


   I recently found drawings I made as a child. They reminded me of the transparent expressiveness of children, that freedom and naturalness when painting, the tendency to paint outside the lines and I felt that same need. Express everything with colors and lines.




  In the plastic containers that I use to mix the paint there are traces of my works. Traces of paint. It occurred to me to reuse them. They could be part of the picture. It would give color and volume to the works.


  Adding different materials; dried paint chips; paper, cardboard, "fiberglass", wood... my works have become more material.


   They don't stay in one plane. The current works have different planes and layers. They give play and movement to the viewer.


   In this aspect the street has a lot to say. When painting the walls of the streets, I have liked the very inherent expression of the walls. And the fact that the walls are irregular has given my murals more play. Hence the need to play with volumes.




   To introduce the photograph I have used other resources. Photography and photographic overlays. Different ways to insert the photo and see the different results.



Udane Juaristi




From February 15 to March 19

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