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Nahiko Azurmendi


"The light happening to the light"


From May 16 to June 24


 On his return from Almería Nahiko has brought with him the Mediterranean lightness as another aspect of that habitat. However, that lightness does not contrast through the weight of other artifacts but is represented by the luminosity itself. Humans are now part of the compositional geometry of light, forming luminous jolts, corporeal tensions or even mere limits of depth. But once the painter arrived from his long journey, when he wanted to paint Ondarreta beach, our insolvency of light has stripped him of the weight of bodies.

This exhibition today would seem, therefore, to represent the luminosity itself more than that of this or that landscape. In his amazing poem to Cabo de Gata, JAValente wrote that "light succeeded light in sheets of tenuous transparency." Well that.


Nahiko Azurmendi

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