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Martina Dasnoy


"Domestic Symphony"


From March 15 to April 22

   On the occasion of the II festival “Miradas de Mujeres” Arteztu gives us the opportunity to enjoy from March 19 to April 30 the exhibition of Martina Dasnoy .

   An artist who spent the first part of her childhood in Brussels until, at the age of eight, in 1948 she moved with her whole family to Argentina. Here he studied Literature at the University of Salvador in Buenos Aires, at this stage he continues to practice drawing, painting and music. In 1973 he emigrated to Barcelona and then to Madrid where he studied first at the School of Arts and Crafts and then Fine Arts at the Complutense University. Special mention also deserves the lithography courses with Don Herbert in Arteleku (Donostia). Matisse, Picasso, Valloton, Spilliaert, Bonnard and especially Rothko and Kandinsky are obvious influences on his work.

   In Donostia he will remain for four years in a studio assigned to Arteleku where he relates and shares the contemporary artistic activity of the moment. Later he moved to the Gallinero, located in Igara, where he occupied the studio that belonged to José Ramón Amondarain and met artists such as Iñaki Imaz, Xabi Bastarrika, Asun del Pozo, Carmen Muñoz, Mariano Arsuaga, Laureano Olaetxea... Finally he settled in a studio in the Igara neighborhood.

   In his works one can see the influence of music (he studied clarinet, singing and composition) and the trips to Morocco, Egypt and especially China with which still have a close bond. Behind a serious image, of integrity, perseverance and discipline, Martina is open-minded, cheerful and optimistic and this is reflected in her work where there are no encrypted messages, nor in code; there is silence or music, stillness or movement. Poetry for the soul, more than for the body.




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