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Maria Jose Carrere


Painting exhibition


From January 18 to February 12


    "I could never have imagined the work that was hidden in such a "lair". Not only did I discover the originality of personalized and transformed origami but also the immense cut, paint and paste work that can be achieved by pursuing an idea, a dream.

   Behind one work I discovered another and another. Now a canvas appeared, now an impossible plank of rough and tight balls, now a labeled sheet of colors and shapes as if enlarged by an electronic microscope. But nothing excited me as much as the racks gagged by strips of a thousand colors combined in harmonic and relaxing tones."


   The works of Marijose Carrere swing, dance between order and tangle, sometimes gaining more strength the qualities that come from neoplasticism and others leaning towards abstract expressionism , in the case of the exhibited series, all of them bathed in a minimalism that shows the subtlety and formal richness of Carrére.


   The drawings have certain reminiscences of the last Mondrianesque period, perhaps closer to Theo van Doesburg. With graffiti markers, he draws horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines delimited by irregular hexagons, also irregular enneagons, crosses with all kinds of variations... . Through the juxtaposition and overlapping of line planes, a spatial depth can be glimpsed that takes us into a world with a whole series of geometric shapes, lines, squares, triangles, trapezoids...


   Gagged Racks of painted strips of paper take a step forward; the spatial depth that we glimpsed in the drawings materializes by intertwining the strips, sometimes vertically and horizontally accentuating order, serenity and geometry, others diagonally imbuing them with strength, dynamism and vitality.

This work of painting, cutting and nailing the strips to the frame has its systematic and mechanical part. But when it comes to painting them, he lets himself be influenced by abstract expressionism, the cuts are not straight lines and when nailing them he swings between intertwining them in a more geometric, serene and rational way or more entangled, dynamic and intuitive. This abstract expressionism, often monochrome, and the simple use of strips show us the influence of minimalism in Carrére's work.

According to the author's own words, "it is the painting itself that gives more consistency to the intertwined paper ribbons" thus achieving the painting a protagonism as well as visual, physical.

The frames gagged with diagonals achieve strong dynamic tensions sometimes with voids that show the wall, adding versatility to adapt and make the space they occupy their own.


   His sculptures are the ones that move the furthest from geometry and enter an adventure towards the unknown, more sensual and intuitive, in contact with the space that surrounds us. surrounds. they intertwine very different languages and attitudes. Different forms of representation coexist in his works.

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