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Collective exhibition


From March 27 to May 5, 2015




   The idea for the exhibition arose from the presentation of our project at the Arteztu gallery in May 2014 and on the occasion of the 3rd edition that was held in parallel exhibited at the Museum of Art and History of Durango.

The presentation at Arteztu was attended by the artist Lehior Bilbao, who, speaking of his personal creation process, highlighted the idea of “tremor” as an interest, which has suggested the title of this exhibition.


   En  she exhibits her work the participating artists in the different presentations and activities parallel to the Durango edition, video, with works in Durango edition, video photography, painting, drawing or sculpture: Nora Aurrekoetxea & Laura Ruíz, Ibon Azpiroz, Lehior Bilbao, Amaia Molinet and David Pavo.

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