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Anna Heads




January 23 to March 3


   Artistic activity is intimately related to daily life, due to the influence it exerts on me. Consequently, I am forced to seek new perspectives, new points of view and a deep analysis of myself and what surrounds me. My path is totally subjective, it is a search. I have always followed the same direction: on the border between figuration and abstraction, I always seek a balance that leads me to create new pictorial languages.


   I believe that painting does not allow dishonesty. I paint my mental landscape in each moment and reinterpret the physical world in which I live. Thus the Jolasa series is a game of pigment, volumes, rhythms and textures in which I set the rules and limits myself. Primarily figurative, it is a game of paradoxes. Between the big and the small..., the indefinite and the definition..., figuration and abstraction..., flat surfaces and volume... I use emptiness as an essential part of the composition.


   Regarding the theme of Jolasa, I deal with the relationship between the adult and the child, relationships of reciprocal care, children's play, the child's body, their plasticity and the energy that it transmits as a metaphor for life, in continuous movement and static at the same time. All this also allows me to reflect on the passage of time and our perception of it, a theme that has been a constant in all my work from my beginnings to the present.


Anna Heads

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