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Aitor Ruiz de Egino



3 March 2023 - April 24 2023

Aitor Ruiz de Egino.jpg



Aitor Ruiz de Egino develops his work from Hernani, an industrial area located on the slopes of Mount Adarra.

He is fascinated by the surprises and mysteries that emerge from this mountain and its natural environment. Space, its forms, trees, rivers, stones, mists and animals have helped him forge a very personal cosmogony. He lives in the always precarious balance between the natural world and the industrial environment, a fundamental pillar of the imagery of a work that is, at the same time, fusion and transformation, poetic observation and chronicle of our time. As if the need to paint the same mammoth had not disappeared, or was now reborn in a different context, which does not renounce its ancestral origins but does not turn its back on modernity either, which reviews the myths and translates them into a closer and more current. I could walk his figures as if through a forest of metallic biology, and observe as we passed that same mist that hides, without completely erasing, the silhouette of his impossible animals and his totemic trees.

Aluminum, predominant in his work, seems the perfect material for that forest. Its luminosity, its lightness, its softness, its warmth, its own condition as a transformed metal, torn from the earth but turned into something different that lives halfway between two worlds, like the very work that is built here.

Aitor manages to breathe life into his creations, playing with the shape and language of the environment that he has soaked in since he was a child.

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