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& Isusko Vivas


From September 22 cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_to October 29_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d



The sea and the seas, cultured immensity, tireless language of sounds, sometimes peaceful and calm, others impetuous and energetic. Resonances with their tenacious and tireless rhythms, impossible to silence, silence or forget. A language also of mist and light, of haze and enigmas, written between waves and tides, ports, dams, breakwaters, jetties and shelters... between winds and swells, cliffs, sandbanks, estuaries and mountains.


Named sea, immense, open and at the same time commensurable and delimited, with its water fronts, contained, observed, thought, imagined and worked on. Scene of relationships for men and women, converted into a resource for sailors, merchants, port workers and fishermen.


Harnessed in endless hopes, efforts and dedication. Medium for life and cradle of professions. Navigated and experienced, generous, store of fruits and profits in a lavish exchange of efforts, sweat and sacrifices. Laboriously transformed into evidence and truths as well as into fictions, fantasies and figurations that constantly evoke and smell of saltpeter, now brought by the splashed waters of photography, sculpture and art.


Sea contemplated, meditated and studied between the storms and gales of inspiration to be sculpted, modeled and artisticized. Ideal place and breadth of opportunities in which to navigate, release gear and supplies and capture realities. Catching a whole range of species in this way – which are called experiences, colors, environments, flavors, shapes, sounds and experiences – means symbolizing to offer them and expose them in a framework of expression and knowledge.


The exhibition of Isusko Vivas Ziarrusta and Amaia Lekerikabeaskoa Gaztañaga thus reverts to a warehouse and auction room, offering and putting within our reach aesthetic traits, captured in the sea of artistic creation and in the currents of the incessant movement and waves of the maritimacy of Art and Sculpture.


Juan Antonio Rubio-Ardanaz


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